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Method: Japanese Craftsmanship

The possible combinations of malts and hops is already considered to be infinite. Add to this some of the unique characteristics of Sake brewing: Sake yeast that brings flavour and acidity, Sake Koji (moulded rice, rich in enzymes and vitamins), or using cedar tanks which bring a spicy taste; and some unique ingredients to Japan, like Asamurasaki (red rice), Yuzu citrus fruit, or even Umeboshi (a sour and salty plum) - mean that many new flavour combination are available to the Kiuchi brewers to explore.

This is the pursuit of the master brewers. Their focus is to match and balance the character of each ingredient in a refined synergy to create the ‘perfect’ brew. Seeking perfection is synonymous to the Japanese craftsmanship spirit: Shokunin. While perfection might never be attained, it is a worthy lifelong goal to pursue.

They say making beer is like taking care of a new born baby. The fermentation period involves days of nurturing yeast. You will hear the brewing master speaking to the yeast: ‘How is my dear yeast doing today? Are you too hot? Are you too cold? Let me take care of you’.

This pursuit of perfection is what enables the Kiuchi brewery to continue to improve and evolve. Their brewing method is delicately complex and requires meticulous care throughout the process. This means that any beer that does not meet the criteria of being the BEST is not considered worthy to be named HITACHINO NEST.


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